Building Digital Ecosystem Architectures

The focus is on examining how enterprise architecture has changed in recent years as the evolving phenomenon called “digitization” has taken place. We will look at examples of “thinking digitally” in this new era of the digital economy, which is characterized by hyperconnectivity and rapidly scaling technologies and systems.

Architecture Practice
The Oxford English Dictionary definition of architecture is the “complex or carefully designed structure of something.” A computer science version of architecture is “the conceptual structure and logical organization of a computer or computer-based system.” The ISO international standards
systems and software engineering definition of architecture focuses on the act of specification of architecting as a “formal description of a system, or a detailed plan of the system at component level, to guide its implementation,” and relates to the standard ISO/IEC 42010:2007.
All these definitions touch on aspects of defining a structure with meaning. Technology architecting is not just the preserve of IT practitioners but relates to a wider canvas of business and technology players. People, processes, and technology have to work together. Digital technology is a pervasive adoption and innovation process that transcends local specifications to create a rich picture of objects, actors, events, platforms, and environments. This suggests a wider ecosystem definition that we will explore in order to define capabilities and practices.



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