Our data are provided in several text and GIS formats which can easily be imported into any software or database
management system. All available formats are stored in a single zipped file.

CSV (Comma-separated values) data is one of the most ubiquitous file formats, most spreadsheets and
databases can easily read native CSV files. Its simple format can be edited in a text editor. Many programming
languages have special libraries to read and write CSV files, therefore making it a great medium for exchanging
large quantities of data.

ESRI Shapefile format (.shp) is a popular geospatial vector data format which can be imported into most
geographic information system software (GIS) like ArcGIS, Grass, Quantum GIS, PostGIS and many others.

The Keyhole Markup Language (.kml) is another popular geographic format using XML notation and maintained
by Google. It can be used with Google products like Google Earth or Google Maps, as well as with many other
software programs.

We provide an alternative normalized ASCII version in CSV format where all accents and diacritics have been
removed. This version can be used to facilitate searching or sorting.