Hurdling WordPress


Mario Garcia has wide experience in developing WordPress sites since 2008. He developed
frameworks and themes from scratch for and other companies in the US, UK and
Australia. He was a finalist in a prestigious award winning body, the Philippine Web Awards on
2011 which most contestants includes top web designers in the Philippines. The award was
judged by Yahoo executives and top designers from the Philippines.
He wrote this ebook to tackle some common and tough problems in developing Worpress site
and also discuss how to help marketers to sell their products using WordPress as platform
application. He worked in companies such as children’s publications, advertising, printing
companies and IT companies.
As he codes and design, he can execute both programming and design fusing into desirable
web applications. He mastered WordPress with combination of his design talent and pure
knowledge in WordPress programming.

Hurdling WordPress is about the challenge of creating WordPress site and how to use it
for online marketing. It tackles not only to create a simple landing pages but also to
develop web applications to generate leads. It has part to explain the procedures of
development, implementation to online marketing, basic know-how and creative
implementation for any kind of web application development.
It provides basic and advance knowledge for both developer and online marketer to
reach the best outcome that can become an extremely usable to business and personal
This eBook includes techniques and methods practiced by experts and most marketing
professionals. You can learn how plugins and frameworks can make rich applications in
rapid method. It explores how site building would become easy and how it transform
into funnels tools for business.



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