Dashboards 101 – Using Metrics to Improve Performance

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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the purpose of dashboards and their power
  • Understand what metrics (KPIs) should be in a dashboard

  • Learn how to maximize the benefits of dashboards

  • Learn what should not be in a dashboard
  • Learn about the four levels of reporting every company needs
  • There are no course requirements – this is introductory

This is a basic introduction to the use of dashboards for Business Performance Management (PM) and Business Intelligence (BI). Dashboards are used to: “Run a Business by the Numbers, Improve it Constantly and Project What Will Happen to be Ahead of the Competition!”

Dashboards are an advanced tool of management to move a person, company and department away from low level management techniques, like micromanagement, to more advanced techniques like Management By Exception (MBE). They are an auto-pilot as well as a way to look into the future by seeing trends and connections in cause and effect. Dashboards allow you to get your business down to a science with known inputs and outputs of key processes that create value. They set up a busienss for constant improvement in quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Every business with more than a handful of employees needs a dashboard. Every department with more than five or six employees should also have a dashboard. This course tells you how and why they work magic to improve a company, team and department.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any employee who is involved in processes or data collection for metrics
  • Any manager or executive who wants to improve their management skills
  • All CEOs and executives responsible for company or department performance